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Article: Eco Friendly Gift Guide - Mother's Day

Eco Friendly Gift Guide - Mother's Day
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Eco Friendly Gift Guide - Mother's Day

Eco Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mums are special people who deserve a little pampering and TLC any day of the year, but especially so on Mother’s Day. This year’s a little different to normal of course, and even though for many of us it’s more difficult to visit Mum in person, it’s still possible to send a little love through the post.

If you’re stuck for eco friendly gift ideas that are suitable for Mum, then we’re here to help with our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Pampering in the Tub

Help Mum to relax and unwind with a pampering bathtime treat. The Sweet Dreams body wash from vegan skincare brand Flawless has scents of lavender, ylang ylang and tonka bean. It’s perfect for a soothing soak in the tub at the end of a long day, helping to switch off ready for bed. Why not combine it with a tin of Butter Up & Settle Down body butter. Just rub a little of this marvellous balm into hands and feet for moisturised skin and a blissful night’s sleep.

flawless sweet dreams vegan body wash in lavender

Green Fingered Gardening Gifts

Planting seeds and watching them grow has to be one of the most satisfying things to do. Even more so if those seeds grow into tasty fruit and vegetables that feed the family. If your mum’s got green fingers and enjoys pottering around in the garden, then how about one of these Potter’s Pal seedling pot makers from Scottish brand Nutscene. They turn old newspapers into biodegradable seedling pots that can go straight into the ground when ready to plant out. Not only are you helping to recycle the newspaper, you’re cutting out all those plastic seed trays too.

Nutscene potter's pal

Tea & Chocolate Makes Everything Better

There’s nothing quite the same as having a good natter with your mum. She’s there to hear your successes and your sorrows and will always have some good advice, because let’s face it, mums always know best. Get set for your next catch up with our Time Out teacup and chocolate gift set, which includes two of the main food groups – namely tea…and chocolate!

Time out teacup and chocolate gift set

Natural Skincare & Spa Day Gifts

A trip to the spa may be out of the question at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge from home. Set the scene with a calming scented candle, like the Classic Lime, Avocado & Cucumber soy wax candle, which has a wonderfully fresh scent. Pamper Mum with a deliciously chocolatey facemask or a tropical super serum that’s vegan friendly and sure to leave her skin feeling refreshed and luminous. Don’t forget the reusable face wipes too, made from soft bamboo fibres that are gentle on the skin.

Lani tropical cacao detox vegan face mask

Decisions Decisions

Take a look at these beautiful recycled glass wine glasses, each with tiny bubbles that give them an extra special quality. The hardest decision Mum will need to make on Mother’s Day is whether to fill them with wine or gin!

Recycled wine glasses in pink

Music to her Ears

Maybe music is Mum’s thing? These headphone stands from Oakywood are not only super stylish, they’re made from sustainable materials and a tree is planted for every product sold. They’re sure to provide a great home for those noise-cancelling headphones that give Mum a bit of peace and quiet, or they’ll simply look great on her desk while she’s working from home.

Oakywood wooden headphone stand

For her Sweet Tooth

We’ve only just started stocking this little chocolate fondue set and it’s flown off the shelves. We can see why, as not only is it plastic free, it runs from tealights, so there’s no faff with cables. This means you can enjoy indulgent melted chocolate treats while binging on Netflix sat of the sofa, or when dining in the garden or out on picnics. Basically anytime and anywhere becomes a place for chocolate fondue!

Cookut plastic free chocolate fondue set

Guilt Free Gifting

For a sustainable gifts, you can’t go wrong with houseplants. Our plant pots from Danish brand Oohh Collection not only ooze minimalistic Scandi style, they’re made from recycled materials. The recycled paper pots are lined with natural rubber latex to keep them waterproof but also compostable at home when the time comes. A high quality but low waste gift - and perfect to feed the rest of the plants in your garden!

Oohh collection recycled paper hanging plant pots

Hopefully this will give you a few environmentally friendly gift ideas that Mum will love. Don’t forget we’ve got a great selection of recyclable wrapping paper, ribbon and twine too, so your gift is sure to look fantastic.


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