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Article: Recyclable Wrapping Paper: The Lowdown

Recyclable Wrapping Paper: The Lowdown

Recyclable Wrapping Paper: The Lowdown

Recycling paper has been part of daily life for many years, so it’s perhaps surprising to hear that wrapping paper can’t always be recycled. It’s paper, right? Well, not always! Often it includes gold and silver foil, glitter or is made with plastics elements too.

How do you know if wrapping paper is recyclable?

There’s a simple scrunch test, where if you squeeze the paper into a ball, if it expands back out again then it’s not recyclable. Simple paper will hold its shape once it’s been scrunched. Also, if you opt for recycled wrapping paper, it’s likely to be ok to recycle again too. All the gift wrap here at Pasoluna is of course 100% recyclable.

So how do you wrap up your favourite eco friendly gifts while reducing your impact on the environment?

Enter recyclable wrapping paper! Simple brown paper is an oldie but a goodie, and it can easily be decorated with colourful string, stamps or even your own doodles and designs. But what if you love colour and brown paper is just a little too, well, brown? You’ll be pleased to hear that there are more and more options available in contemporary, colourful designs. Take our range from Cadeaux Paperworks for example. Their range of bright and bold prints on high quality paper stock is sure to make you smile.

Alternatives to wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is generally a single-use product, so what other eco friendly options are there?

Fabric wraps are a great alternative to disposable wrapping paper, as they can be gifted and reused indefinitely. Choose natural fibres like cotton or linen, or even repurpose material from old pillowcases sheets. Tea towels make for great fabric gift wraps, as they become part of the gift themselves.

Furoshiki are wrapping cloths from Japan and using them to wrap gifts is an art in itself. There are so many beautiful and creative ways to wrap furoshiki cloths. A few simple knots and folds can turn a square of cotton into anything from a stylish gift wrap to a bag or backpack. Take a look at our range for a little inspiration! You’ll be pleased to hear that our wraps also come with handy instructions, so you’ll be wrapping like an expert in no time!

Plastic Free Gift Wrapping

One of the other areas for recycling wrapping paper that’s particularly problematic is the use of Sellotape or other plastic sticky tape. It’s essentially a single use plastic and not only is the tape itself contributing to plastic pollution, it means the paper it’s attached to can’t be recycled either. So if you receive a gift that includes plastic sticky tape, be sure to remove it before recycling the paper too.

An easy way around this is to use a paper tape that can be recycled along with the paper. We stock a simple brown paper tape that’s perfect for the job!

We hope you've found our roundup of environmentally friendly wrapping helpful. There are certainly lots of ways you can gift in a more eco-conscious way, with more and more alternatives are becoming available every day. Long may it continue! 

If you have any tips or advice, let us know in the comments! 


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