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Article: Make the sustainable change to a plastic free home.

Make the sustainable change to a plastic free home.

Make the sustainable change to a plastic free home.

Start the year with sustainability at the forefront of your new home additions. Now more than ever, eco friendly homeware means style as well as function! The widespread movement of hygge incorporated natural woods into the home with contemporary design elements, paving the way for more eco-friendly homeware options onto the market. 

Sustainable Homeware:

Plastic Free Planters

No home feels complete without some greenery, keep your plant happy with our selection of beautiful plastic free plant pots. Made from recycled paper, these OOhh Collection plant pots are fully waterproof so you don’t need to worry about any leaks if you happen to over water. The contemporary simple design will effortlessly fit into any home with neutral tones to complement the natural colours of your plant. Each of these plant pots are handmade, making each one unique. 

Plastic free, waterproof paper plant pot. In a concrete grey colour

Sustainable Throws & Cushions 

Stay cozy with the peace of mind that you are helping the world! These stylishly sustainable cushions and throws are made from recycled bottles by Hug Rug Woven. These home accessories have a contemporary diamond design and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Their versatile material gives a natural stain resistant feature while also being ideal for allergy sufferers.

Eco-friendly Storage 

Finding it difficult to find plastic free storage? From big to small we can help. With large storage baskets perfect for storing towels, linen and blankets to smaller storage solutions for reusable make-up removal pads, we have a beautiful and sustainable range to choose from.  

Natural sea grass storage basket in a natural and white contrasting colour block style.


Natural Candles

Plant based, hand poured candles that smell amazing are a home essential. Lighting a candle after a stressful day can immediately help relax you. With scents varying from fruity lime to calming lavender, find a candle that makes you feel at home. 

Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Biodegradable Dishcloths

Make the first simple change towards a zero waste kitchen, Biodegradable dishcloths by Jangneus. These reusable dishcloths come in several beautiful hand printed designs and can be washed at up to 60 degrees to keep them clean. When your dishcloth has reached the end of its suddy life simply put it on the compost heap to biodegrade naturally… a much better solution than the landfill. 

White reusable dishcloth with a bright yellow bee and flower pattern, in a beautiful kitchen


Sustainable Scourers

If you’re looking to make simple swaps in your kitchen why not start with a plastic free dish brush. A wooden alternative to plastic, this brush is made from natural fibres and effectively cleans your dishes. The brush has a detachable head, making older worn heads easier to replace and generating less waste than plastic alternatives (old brush heads are compostable). For a zero waste solution try coconut fibre scourers made by the Zero Waste Club.  This 5 pack of scourers are made from materials that usually are wasted; but have been made into something useful instead. Made from 100% plant based materials these scourers are zero waste, compostable and make doing the dishes a cinch. 

Eco-friendly Produce Bags 

A great plastic free alternative when stocking up on your fruit and veg for the week. Organic produce bags are the best solution for helping reduce plastic when shopping, these bags come in a pack of 3 (small, medium & large) or individually so you can buy loose produce without the plastic counterparts. For larger shops to carry everything home try these 100% cotton string bags available in a variety of colours; don’t be fooled they hold more groceries than you’d expect and can be folded to be kept in your bag or car until you need them.

100% cotton produce shopping bag in a dusty pink, holding pears and plants.

Zero Waste Kitchen Essentials 

Zero waste kitchen essentials can be hard to locate, we have zero waste bowls made from coconut shells, these bowls are made from shells that would be discarded in the process of farming coconut milk. Also available with matching spoons made from the same material. Our rice husk lunch boxes  by Huski Home are available in a variety of colours to match your vibe. These lunch boxes are made from materials that would otherwise be wasted in the rice farming process, biodegradable, eco friendly and compostable. They are the perfect sustainable option for taking your lunch to work with you, also available in matching coffee cups

Eco friendly lunchbox and matching takeaway coffee cup in a dusty pink on a wooden chopping board.

So whether you’re looking for zero waste, plastic free, eco-friendly or sustainable changes we have options for you. All our products are shipped in plastic free packaging, we make a conscious effort to source sustainable packaging to match our beautiful products. Let us know about any simple changes you’ve made over on our Facebook page. Remember little changes have a big impact… and can be beautifully designed to look great as well. 

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