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About Us

Hello! We’re a small business based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, providing eco friendly products for customers nationwide. We're firm believers that lots of small steps can lead to big changes. Following a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is a journey, and we're certain that all our small steps together can make the giant leap towards a more sustainable world.

While there are no perfect solutions, and every sustainable option seems to come with a ‘yes but’ caveat, by shopping at Pasoluna we’re aiming to make the experience as straightforward and guilt-free as possible. You can decide which priorities are the most important to you when shopping for eco products (eg. plastic free, organic, recycled), or simply be confident in the suppliers we've chosen and the packaging that we use, that we’re helping on your sustainability journey.

We aim to be both stylish and sustainable. You might notice that we love colour and pattern, and ultimately, we want to make it easy to make environmentally responsible choices without compromising your style. Browse our contemporary eco friendly gifts and homewares with low environmental impact. 

As a growing business, we’ll be adding new ranges all the time as we seek out suppliers who share our environmental and design goals.  We’re also keen to hear from you on how we’re doing, and what you really want to see more of.

Are there any eco friendly products you'd like us to stock? Drop us a line on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or by email to



Use of Plastics

  • The only kind of plastic products we sell are made from recycled plastics that can in turn be recycled again at the end of their life. We take the view that it’s worthwhile recycling plastics that have already been made and disposed of into new products that will have long-lasting uses, removing single use plastics from the environment in the process.
  • We avoid bioplastics and don’t sell any products made from these (although please see note below about product packaging). 
  • Want to shop without plastic? Check out our zero waste products


  • All delivery packaging from Pasoluna is plastic free and fully recylable.
  • Please be aware that some of our suppliers use biodegradable plastics to protect their products. You’ll be able to see which items this applies to on each product page, where full product packaging info is described.
  • We reuse packaging from our suppliers to send to our customers, where appropriate (eg. paper space fillers).


  • Pasoluna HQ is powered by renewable energy supplier Octopus Energy.
  • We're investigating how we can partner with a charity to offset our carbon emissions.

Single Use

  • We prioritise reusable over disposable, even where there's an environmentally friendly alternative.  For example, we don't stock any drinking straws made from paper or wheat, and instead stock a durable stainless steel option instead.

Take a look around the the store. We hope you'll find our range of eco friendly products right up your street!