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Mugs, Cups & Glassware

Add something special to your crockery cupboard, with stunning hand thrown stoneware cups and beautiful recycled glasswares.

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Handleless Mugs Gift Set- Aqua by LigaHandleless Mugs Gift Set- Aqua by Liga
Sold outWhite speckled handleless mug with the words 'hey grumpy' stamped on the frontHey Grumpy handleless mug
Suki Hand Thrown Stoneware Mug - PasolunaSuki Hand Thrown Stoneware Mug - Pasoluna
Sold outWhite handleless mug gift set in gift boxTwo mugs side by side
Sold outblack handleless mug with cork baseblack handleless mug
Sold outhandleless mug printed with Cosy SundayHandleless mug and gift box
Sold outHandleless Mug - Dream Big by EulenschnittHandleless Mug - Dream Big by Eulenschnitt
Sold outBlack teapot with 2 matching handless mugsBlack teapot and handleless mug gift set in gift box
Sold outHandleless Mug - Me Time by EulenschnittHandleless Mug - Me Time by Eulenschnitt
Sold outblack handleless mug gift set in gift box2 mugs shown together
Sold outwhite handleless mug with cork baseThe handleless mug shown on a cork tray
Sold outWhite cork and ceramic teapot with 2 matching handleless mugsTeapot and 2 handleless mugs shown in the gift box
Stoneware 'Love' Mug by EulenschnittStoneware 'Love' Mug by Eulenschnitt
Handleless Mug - Colina by EulenschnittHandleless Mug - Colina by Eulenschnitt
Sold outWhite speckled handleless mugWhite speckled handleless mug on top of brown gift box