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Article: Easy New Year's Resolutions to be Eco-Friendly in Everyday Life

Easy New Year's Resolutions to be Eco-Friendly in Everyday Life

Easy New Year's Resolutions to be Eco-Friendly in Everyday Life

The new year is approaching, with 2022 set to be a record-breaking year for carbon emissions.

That might not be your focus as you're sipping champagne and counting down to midnight. But after the party's over and you're considering your New Year's resolutions, get inspired by the environment when establishing new goals and habits.

The small actions you take in 2022 can have a big impact on the world. Build a more environmentally friendly lifestyle with these eco-friendly New Year's resolutions.

Try an Eco-Friendly Diet

Foodies, listen up! The New Year is a great time to start a new diet.

But that doesn't necessarily mean a weight-loss diet (unless that happens to be one of your personal goals). Instead, try an eco-friendly diet that fills your belly without filling the atmosphere with CO2.

Environmentally friendly food choices can include cutting down on meat and animal products, buying organic produce, and choosing local and seasonal foods.

And as a bonus, try cooking and prepping more of your own meals this year. Store them in reusable containers and lunchboxes instead of ordering takeaway. This helps to cut down on unnecessary waste once you've finished eating.


Challenge Yourself to a New Commute

If you're not working remotely, consider changing up your commute to work.

Around 75% of greenhouse gases produced by transport come from cars, lorries, buses, and motorbikes.

Instead of relying on your own car to get around, consider switching to public transport for at least one day a week, or carpool with colleagues.

Even better, walking or biking requires no petrol. And walking or cycling to work offers a chance to get some extra exercise. If you're wanting to get fit in the new year and help the environment, this might be the perfect win-win.


Use Natural Skin and Hair Products

If you're looking to add more self-care to your New Year's resolutions, look to your skin and hair routines.

You might lather up some soap or shampoo, rub it around your face or hair, and then wash it down the drain, hardly thinking twice. But the ingredients and chemicals in those products linger much longer in waterways. Sometimes, these ingredients even end up in natural habitats, damaging the homes of the animals living there.

Not only that, but these products can be harsh to our bodies, too.

Set a resolution to choose green skin and hair products that contain clean and natural ingredients, without parabens, formaldehyde, and other toxic substances.


Volunteer More in the New Year

Volunteering is one New Year's resolution so many of us make yet forget about a couple of months into the year.

If you want to make a positive impact in the new year, partake in a little green activism. Help out in a public garden, volunteer at events for your favourite eco organisation, or spend a weekend cleaning up rubbish outside.

Even occasional volunteering counts. Set a realistic resolution for you and your schedule, such as volunteering just once a month or every other weekend.

These small actions make a huge impact, both in the new year and for years to come.


Rethink Your Wardrobe

Our clothing can be a major threat to the environment, from the way clothes are produced to how easily they're disposed of.

If your personal style is important to you, there's no need to worry! You can still enjoy fashion, guilt-free.

A great New Year's resolution idea is to shop less in High Street, fast fashion shops. Clothing from these stores tends to lack quality and longevity. Then, that trendy skirt you loved for one season ends up thrown in the bin.

When you go shopping for clothes in the new year, opt for more classic, well-made styles that will last ages. Charity and vintage shops can be a great source of clothing made to endure decades of wear.

And think carefully about the materials you wear too. Try to choose eco-friendly clothing materials as much as possible. For example, you may set a goal of choosing only vegan leather or organic fabrics as part of your resolution.

These small decisions can help you build an environmentally friendly wardrobe that expresses your personal style without compromising the earth.


Give Green Gifts

The New Year is approaching, and that means a whole new year of birthdays, anniversaries, and events to celebrate.

And this year, commit to only giving gifts that are kind to the environment. Eco-friendly home products, locally-made clothes, and reusable goods are all great options.

There are green gift ideas for everyone in your life.

Babies can play with toys made of natural materials free of toxic chemicals. Your newlywed friend will love a bottle of luxurious, organic wine to celebrate. Even your work friends will appreciate a gift of notebooks and organisers made from recycled paper.

And when giving your gifts, consider skipping the wrapping paper or gift bag. If you do decide to wrap your present, recyclable wrapping paper is the way to go.


New Year's Resolutions With the Earth in Mind

New Year's resolutions can inspire us to lead a better life in the upcoming year. They help us reach our goals and make the dreams of this year become a reality next year.

And those resolutions can benefit you and the environment.

Try committing to one of these eco-friendly New Year's resolutions to have a positive impact on the world next year and beyond.

Shop our eco-friendly products to help you stay on track with your eco-lifestyle in the new year!

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