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Article: 6 Ways to Have a Zero Waste Christmas

6 Ways to Have a Zero Waste Christmas

6 Ways to Have a Zero Waste Christmas

Looking to have a zero waste Christmas this year? Then check out some of these tips for using eco friendly packaging and more.

The statistics about Christmas-related waste are terrifying. Did you know that 114,000 tonnes of plastic packaging are discarded in the UK each Christmas?

Minimizing waste at Christmas is a dilemma for many because, at such a special time of year, we want a no-holds-barred celebration. But, the continual evidence of global warming is driving us to make greener decisions during the holidays and avoid excessive waste.

So, what are some easy ways you can achieve a Christmas with close to zero waste without compromising on the festive spirit?

Keep reading as we share our top eco-friendly tips for reducing your carbon footprint this December.

1. Choose Recycled Wrapping Paper

Nowadays, the aftermath of any birthday or Christmas present unwrapping session is a terrible sight for many of us. Sheets and sheets of beautiful wrapping paper discarded across the floor... Most of which ends up straight in the bin.

Luckily, there's no need to compromise on the appearance of beautifully wrapped gifts this year. 

One of the biggest differences you can make for having a greener Christmas is choosing eco-friendly packaging. At Pasoluna we have a wide range of gorgeous recycled wrapping paper that you'd never guess was in its second reincarnation.

These designs are both made from recycled materials in addition to being recyclable. This means there's no limit to the number of times it can be reused in the future. The sheets are also compostable if you have that option in your garden.

Another tip is to take some extra care unwrapping your gifts. This might be easier said than done, especially for excited youngsters. But, when opened carefully, you'll find lots of packaging remains intact, and can simply be folded and stored away until next year!

2. Think Carefully About Gifts

Now that we've covered the packaging, let's move on to the eco-friendly gifts themselves. During the holidays, it's easy to get carried away with the spirit of giving. We all know how good it feels to share carefully considered presents with our loved ones.

But when choosing gifts, you have an opportunity to help the planet at the same time. Try looking for zero waste products instead of an unrecyclable object that will end up sitting in a cupboard all year long.

For example, experiences as gifts make amazing Christmas presents. It might be tickets to a concert, a voucher for a restaurant, or a mini getaway. This lets you spend quality time with your friends and family while not adding to their household clutter.

Alternatively, you could buy a product that's good for the environment. This might be a reusable metal straw or one of our other great stocking filler ideas.

3. Send Eco-Friendly Christmas Cards

In addition to wrapping paper, another big source of unnecessary landfill waste is Christmas cards. These days, there are plenty of eco-friendly brands that create gorgeous card designs from recycled material.

For example, check out these our contemporary designs that are produced on FSC Certified paper and don't come with unnecessary product packaging.

Generally, cards that come with shiny, glittery, glossy, or foil appearances are not recyclable.

Your other options include making your Christmas cards yourself from materials you have around the house, or going the modern route with electronic Christmas cards, or a festive email!

Believe it or not, you can also reuse your Christmas cards. Instead of buying gift tags to stick on presents, reuse the front side of a pretty Christmas card you receive!

Just choose a card without writing on the left-hand side, cut to size, and fold in half!

4. Minimise Food Waste

One of the most upsetting areas of Christmas waste happens in the kitchen. Throwing away uneaten food feels terrible, so here are some tips for having eco-friendly meals during the festive period.

First, make sure to use up any leftovers instead of throwing roast potatoes or uneaten turkey away! Get inspired by the Bridget Jones turkey curry, or make a good old Christmas dinner sandwich on Boxing Day.

If you have any unopened tins or products with a long shelf life, these would be much appreciated by your local food bank.

Finally, try to shop locally from a farmers market or your local greengrocer and butcher.

5. Go For a Potted Christmas Tree

potted christmas tree

There has been a long-running debate on whether buying a plastic tree or a real tree is better for the environment. Some studies suggest once you use your fake tree for over 20 years, it becomes a greener choice than cutting down a real one annually.

So, perhaps a better option is opting for a potted Christmas tree. While these are slightly more expensive than unpotted trees, you'll be able to transfer your green beauty to the garden once the festive season is over.

Your other eco-friendly tree options are buying a second-hand fake tree, or, find a Christmas tree rental company near you!

6. Conserve Energy

Our final tip for celebrating an environmentally friendly Christmas is to be strategic with your energy use. Try choosing non-electric decorations for your tree.

If you must use lights, make sure they're LED bulbs that are more efficient. You can set them to a timer to make sure they don't stay on longer than needed.

Lastly, take the unique opportunity to don an over the top Christmas jumper! You'll look fantastic and you can avoid turning your central heating up quite so high.

That's How You Can Enjoy a Zero Waste Christmas

By making a series of small yet significant greener choices, you can get close to achieving your zero waste goal. After all is said and done, the most important thing is to come together with your loved ones and enjoy the spirit of Christmas with family and friends.

Don't forget, Pasoluna is your one-stop shop for making eco-friendly Christmas purchases. You can explore our entire range of environmentally friendly Christmas gifts, wrapping paper, cards, and stocking fillers right here.

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