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Article: 6 Ideas To Have A Green Valentine’s Day

6 Ideas To Have A Green Valentine’s Day

6 Ideas To Have A Green Valentine’s Day

This year, invest in eco-friendly gifts for your valentine. The market for eco-friendly products is blooming, so finding the perfect gift shouldn't be hard.

To help, we’ve put together a list of the best eco-friendly gifts for you and your loved ones.

1. Recycled Clutch Bag 

You rarely go wrong with bags and purses with women. Surprise her this year with a sublime pink clutch bag certified with global recycle standard and Oeko-Tex.

recycled clutch bag

Shop the Recycled Clutch Bag


2. Soy Wax Melt Gift Set by Olive & Fig 

Get romantic and cosy this valentine’s day with an eco-friendly candle set. Opt for a homemade, vegan free, candle made with plant based wax and cotton wick rather than the common paraffin wax alternative, so that you can enjoy the exquisite. We have also worked in order to protect the planet by providing eco recyclable packaging. 

wax melt gift set

Shop the Soy Wax Melt Gift Set


3. Time Out Tea & Chocolate Gift Set

Happy foods with more joy than you could shake a stick at and they feel like such a treat. You’re planning to buy your valentine some chocolate, we suggest going for this eco-friendly tea & chocolate set to satisfy your tastebuds.

time out chocolate tea set

Shop the Time Out Gift Set


4. Plant A Tree

The tree will grow as your love grows. It's a ‘vegan’ one that’s sure to make your partner smile. Plus the world could always use more trees

Plant a tree for Valentines day

To plant a tree, you can do this via The National Trust website here


5. Pampering Set 

Another great valentines gift is a vegan and eco-friendly pamper set.

Lip care or hand care set you’re free to choose. We promise you that any beauty lover out there would love to get their hands on these sets.

vegan hand care set

Shop the Vegan Hand Care Gift Set


6. Cherry Husks Notebook by Vent for Change

Sustainable eco-friendly notebook with personality to fuel your creativity. This beautiful notebook is made from cherry husks. Not only is it made from planet-friendly materials and 100% green energy, but you'll also be contributing towards children's education projects around the world when you shop with VENT for Change.

Vent for Change note book made from Cherry Husks

More Sustainable Gift Ideas

We've got loads more gift suggestions for him and her in our bigger than ever sustainable and eco-friendly gift collection.

What should I use to wrap my lovely gifts?

Wrapping gifts with disposable plastic seems simple but it's not eco-friendly but don’t worry we have plenty of recommendations for alternatives. Shop from our range of eco-friendly gift accessories to complete your sustainable valentines gift.

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