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Reusable Straw in Travel Tin - 8 Colours

Sale price£6.95


If you're fed up of soggy paper straws, then these colourful reusable straws from The Silicone Straw Company are for you! Each straw comes in a handy travel tin, so you'll always have one at hand when out and about.

Made in the UK from food-grade silicone, they're not only super useful but also vegan-friendly. There's no animal-derived materials in the straws or during their manufacture.

The reusable straws are child-friendly and great for kids - they're easily bendable, and surprisingly chewable! Use them with cups, tumblers, bottles and more. Basically everwhere you'd usually use a single-use plastic straw.

The straws can be customised to any length with kitchen scissors and are simple to clean, either with a cleaning brush and washing up liquid or by placing them in the dishwasher. Please note that the tin does not include a cleaning brush, so you may want to add one to your order.

  • Includes 1x reusable straw and 1x travel tin
  • Made in the UK
  • Food Safe & BPA free silicone
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Child friendly
  • FDA approved

Packaging: None

Reusable Straw in Travel Tin - 8 Colours Sale price£6.95