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About Paké

Paké is a reusable gift wrap brand from France, who use 100% recycled fabric for their eco-friendly wrap. This zero waste brand, inspired by Japanese furoshiki, was created by Alice, Antoine and Benoît to reduce the 20,000 tonnes of gift wrap thrown away each year.

The furoshiki wraps are made from 100% post-consumer waste. This includes poly-cotton made from a mix of recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton. Each wrap uses between 2 and 4 plastic bottles to create. The cotton comes from industrial offcuts, or from recycled clothing. Their factory in France also runs on 100% renewable energy to help reduce their carbon footprint further.

Browse the range from Paké and discover contemporary patterns and designs, in a variety of sizes to suit your gift. You'll also find fun tutorials to help you get started and become a furoshiki master!

Your recipient will not only have a gift from you, it will be beautifully and consciously wrapped, which they can keep or re-gift themselves. Gift-giving then becomes an opportunity to share eco-responsible values. Take the fold and join the Paké movement!