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Article: Why Go for Swedish Dishcloths Instead of Other Cloths and Sponges

Why Go for Swedish Dishcloths Instead of Other Cloths and Sponges

Why Go for Swedish Dishcloths Instead of Other Cloths and Sponges

Did you know that your kitchen sponge needs to get replaced every two weeks, otherwise it will start harbouring dangerous bacteria? If you think about all the UK households that are replacing their sponges every few weeks, that could equate to more than 400 million sponges ending up in landfill. 

The problem with modern kitchen sponges is that they're not biodegradable. In the past, sponges were made out of sea sponges or other natural materials. But nowadays, they are made of plastic and are harmful to the environment. 

Learn how to use Swedish dishcloths to replace your kitchen sponge in our latest article below. 

Why Are Plastic Sponges Bad for the Environment? 

It's not just that plastic sponges are made of plastic which takes hundreds of years to break down. But there are other harmful qualities about plastic sponges that should make you think twice the next time you pick one up at the local supermarket. 

Release Microplastics

Microplastics have been in the news quite a bit recently. Everything plastic that you use (and yes that includes synthetic clothing) will over time have micro-bits of plastic that will siphon off and get released into the waterways and finally be dumped into the ocean. 

Crazily enough, microplastics have even been found on the peak of Mt. Everest, meaning that plastics have now taken over the highest summit in the world and also the deepest oceans. There isn't one place on the planet that hasn't been inundated by microplastics. 

The same thing applies to your kitchen sponge. Every time, you use it to wash your dishes, little bits of plastic are released into the sewage waste. They then travel to the ocean harming marine mammals. 

This means that everything we consume has microplastics in it as well, like fish, vegetables, fruits, and our drinking water. The best way to stop this deluge of microplastics is to stop using plastics like kitchen sponges completely. Swedish dishcloths are a great natural alternative.

Contain Harmful Chemicals and Bacteria

If you want a reason that hits closer to home, then plastic sponges can be made and coated with chemicals, like Triclosan and others. These chemicals seep into the waterways, and since they are quite stable, they will be around for extended periods, harming marine mammals and future generations of humans.

Remember as well that kitchen sponges harbour lots of dangerous bacteria, and since folks don't clean their sponges regularly, it becomes unhealthy to use a sponge to clean your surfaces or dishes.

Two ways you can clean your kitchen sponge is by popping it into the top shelf of a dishwasher, or by microwaving it for a few seconds. But it's easy to forget to do this, and then start getting sick because of the bacteria and chemicals entering your bloodstream due to plastic sponge usage. 

What Are Swedish Dishcloths?

Here comes the good news. Awareness about the negative effects of using kitchen sponges has spread across the UK (and the rest of the world). That's why lots of people are coming up with or using natural alternatives that aren't harmful. 

One such alternative is Swedish dishcloths. They have been a staple of Scandi kitchens for a long time now and are plastic-free. Usually made of 100% cellulose (wood pulp) or a cellulose and cotton combination, they are 100% natural.

Let's look at some other benefits of using Swedish dishcloths in your household.


The great thing about Swedish dishcloths is that they are compostable! That means you can use them for as long as you want. Then you can cut them up and throw them in your kitchen compost. 


Usually, Swedish dishcloths are printed with water-based inks, which means that they are chemical-free. No need to ever worry about your little ones using these dishcloths to clean up their desks or anything else. 

Convenient and Cheap

Finally, these dishcloths are easy to wash. You just put them into your washing machine with the other clothes and they will come out fresh as a daisy. They dry quickly as well.

Also, remember that Swedish dishcloths can be used as paper towel alternatives since each dishcloth replaces about 17 paper towel rolls. That means you can save on your household budget if you switch to Swedish dishcloths. 

Gorgeous Colours

Swedish dishcloths come in so many beautiful colours and designs. So much better than those drab kitchen sponges. They are a cheap and sustainable way of adding colour and vibrancy to your kitchen space. 

Many Ways to Use a Swedish Sponge Cloth

If you are wondering about where you can use a Swedish dishcloth (or sponge cloth), the answer is easy. Everywhere you could use a kitchen sponge or paper towels, you can use a Swedish dishcloth instead. 

This means you can use it to:

  • Clean all your kitchen and bathroom surfaces
  • Wash your pots and pans with it
  • Make your mirrors and windows streak-free
  • Wipe down glass stovetops
  • And so much more

Get creative with your dishcloth usage. Try using your dishcloths for all the cleaning tasks you undertake right now and see how it pans out. 

It's easy to dismiss your little kitchen sponge as not being that dangerous to the environment, but it's when you take care of the little things that the big things get sorted out as well. 

Where to Buy Swedish Dishcloths

After all this fanfare, you must be wondering where you can purchase Swedish dishcloths for your household. We've got you covered. 

At Pasoluna, not only can you purchase Swedish dishcloths in gorgeous colours and designs, but you can also buy eco-friendly homewares and gifts of all kinds. Shop on our website using different values, like plastic-free, zero waste, vegan-friendly, and recycled. 

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