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Article: What's Earth Day All About?

earth day 2022

What's Earth Day All About?

From the Glasgow Climate Pact to Plastic-Free July, the past year has been huge for our planet. Now that April is well and truly in bloom, it's time to think ahead to Earth Day, due to take place on 22 April 2023.

Every year, Earth Day reminds us all to come together and take care of our world. This year's theme is Invest In Our Planet, where a green future means a prosperous one too. Read on to learn more about the past, present and future impact of Earth Day, and to see how you can get involved in a way that doesn't cost the earth.

Why Earth Day?

Earth Day is a celebration of the birth of modern environmentalism. It takes place every year on 22 April.

In 1970, US Senator Gaylord Nelson organised a teach-in to inspire students to stand up for the planet. It grew into a nationwide series of events and demonstrations, catching the attention of the national press. 20 million Americans came together to protest years of environmental damage – over 10% of the population at the time.

All this got real results! Earth Day 1970 resulted in the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Ever since then, we've celebrated Earth Day every year.

Going Global

In 1990, Earth Day campaigner Denis Hayes pushed to promote the day around the world. Over 141 countries got involved in Earth Day events, which led to the 1992 United Nations Earth Summit.

Since then, Earth Day has gone from strength to strength. It's now celebrated by more than a billion people every year, and has become the biggest non-religious observance in the world.

As we learn more about the precarious state of our planet, Earth Day is a vital way to raise awareness. No matter where we come from, we all have a responsibility to do what we can for our world.

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day is all about taking action to build a sustainable future. 

If you want to get out there and do something to celebrate Earth Day, looking up events in your local area can be a great place to start. Depending on your local community, you might find yourself getting involved in:

  • Litter picking
  • Beach cleaning
  • Awareness rallies and protests
  • Tree planting
  • Garden maintenance

You might even form some friendships in the process!

Embracing Green Living

One-off events can be great fun, but it's true what they say: change really does begin at home.

To really make a difference in the long term, you need to think about changes you can make from day to day. It might not seem like a big deal to turn off a light here and there, but every little change adds up.

Everyone's lifestyle is different, so what works for other people might not be a great fit for you. Still, the following suggestions might be a good place to start:

  • Wearing warmer clothes instead of turning up the heating
  • Keeping your devices switched off when not in use
  • Turning off lights during the day
  • Repairing leaky taps and other causes of water waste
  • Reusing, reducing and recycling
  • Switching over to zero-waste products
  • Changing your diet to minimise your environmental impact
  • Shopping with smaller, local businesses

If you're looking for more ideas, take a look at the simple tips over on the Earth Day website.

The Earth Day 2022 Gift Guide

So how can you get your friends and loved ones involved in a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Have a read of our article on how to get started with living in an environmentally friendly way.

Giving eco friendly gifts is a great why to raise awareness at the same time as lowering the impact of your purchases. With our wide range of eco-friendly products, we're here to help you encourage the people in your life to do a little better for the planet. There's never been a better time to shop in line with your eco-friendly values

For the Digital Native

Treat the tech enthusiast in your life to some ethical accessories for their home office.

Oakywood has an incredible range of docks, stands and chargers, all made from sustainably sourced wood. We especially love their walnut charging station for your iPhone and Apple Watch. Its sleek, minimalist design is sure to be a hit!

And for anyone who's been working remotely over the past few years, this recycled laptop bag from Ecowings offers a stylish way to find a change of scene.

For the Amateur Cook

We all know someone who spent 2020 on a quest for the perfect sourdough starter. Cooking at home is better for us as well as for the planet, so why not encourage them to keep at it in 2022?

Brighten up their kitchen with a gorgeous range of potholders and oven gloves from British Colour Standard. All their products are made from all-natural cotton without harmful dyes or bleaches. You can add a hint of colour to every mealtime without any harm to the environment.

For the Green Thumb

What's more relaxing than a little time in the garden? If you know someone who's always pottering around outside, Earth Day is the perfect time to help them make their garden something special.

Biodiversity is the key to a healthy garden. Bring a little more nature into their garden with a bee and butterfly house by Rex London. These plastic-free insect hotels encourage friendly pollinators to settle in and do their thing.

Or if they're more at ease with the birds than the bees, try a bird feeder instead! This feeder from Green & Blue is designed to prevent damage to birds' beaks and feet, so any visiting birds can snack with confidence.

For the Beauty Guru

Skincare is huge right now, but it can also be a huge source of waste. This Earth Day, why not show the beauty industry how it's done?

Treat your local beauty guru to these reusable make-up remover pads, and help them cut single-use wipes out of their routine for good. This zero-waste alternative to wipes is made from all-natural fibres, so they're great for the planet as well as for your skin!

Earth Day Every Day

At Pasoluna, we know it can be hard to make the ethical choice. We're here to back you up as you commit to a greener lifestyle this Earth Day. What's more, we're dedicated to making your journey to eco-friendly living as simple and guilt-free as possible.

Check out our eco-friendly products today, and take a step toward a more sustainable future.

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