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Article: Our Top 20 Eco Friendly Gifts for Him

Our Top 20 Eco Friendly Gifts for Him

Our Top 20 Eco Friendly Gifts for Him

On the lookout for the perfect gift for the eco-conscious man in your life but want something that's stylish and sustainable? You've come to the right place! In this article, we're highlighting 18 amazing eco-friendly gift ideas that perfectly blend practicality with environmental responsibility. From innovative tech gadgets with an eco-edge to home and fashion accessories that are both green and on-trend, there's something for every kind of guy. So, sit back, relax with a cuppa, and explore these environmentally friendly and stylish gifts for him!

Eco Gifts for Men

1. Solid Oak Headphone Stand by Oakywood

wooden headphone stand

This headphone stand is not just a functional piece but a stylish addition to any desk or workspace. Made from sustainably sourced solid oak, it ensures durability and a minimal environmental footprint. The natural wood design adds a touch of sophistication, making it an ideal eco gift for those who appreciate both technology and classic craftsmanship.

2. Vegan Leather Coin Purse & Card Holder - Dust Brown

vegan leather coin purse brown

This coin purse is a compact accessory that's crafted from high-quality vegan leather. It offers an ethical alternative to traditional leather products, being made with plant-based fibres and non-toxic dyes. Its dust brown colour and practical design make it a sophisticated yet eco-friendly choice for keeping coins and cards organised.

3. Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle - Cloud Grey - 500ml

Cloud grey insulated bottle

This sleek and modern bottle is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally responsible. Made from durable stainless steel, it's designed to keep drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours. The cloud grey finish gives it a contemporary edge, perfect as a gift for the eco-conscious individual who's always on the move.

4. Wooden Smartphone Speaker - Black by Bitti Gitti

wooden speaker

This innovative speaker combines technology and sustainability. Crafted from sustainably harvested wood, it amplifies sound naturally without the need for electricity. Its unique design and eco-friendly construction make it an ideal gift for music lovers and tech enthusiasts alike.

5. Recycled Hard Cover Mini Notebook - Black Lined

Recycled hard cover notebook

This notebook is perfect for jotting down ideas and notes. Made from recycled materials, it represents a commitment to reducing waste. The hardcover design ensures durability, while the black lined pages offer a classic look, suitable for use at home or work.

6. Large Insulated Lunch Bag - Navy Blue by SoYoung

Navy blue lunch bag

This stylish and practical lunch bag is ideal for those who prefer to bring their meals on the go. Insulated to keep food fresh, it's made from environmentally friendly materials. The navy blue colour adds a touch of sophistication to this designer lunch bag, making it a great choice for work, school or college.

7. Bee Revival Kit - Anthracite by Beevive

Anthracite bee revival kit

This bee revival kit is a unique gift that's perfect for nature lovers. The kit contains all the essentials to help revive tired bees, promoting bee conservation. Its compact design and anthracite colour make it both practical and stylish, encouraging environmental awareness and engagement with nature.

8. Captain's Charge Natural Beard & Moustache Wax

Beard wax

With the moustache wax's woodsy blend of sandalwood, frankincense, and cypress, offers a rich, masculine aroma, this eco-friendly product, packaged in a tin, embodies a commitment to natural grooming and environmental consciousness​. Made with natural ingredients like shea butter and nourishing oils, it's ideal for styling and maintaining healthy facial hair.

9. Recycled Laptop Bag - Orange Panda by Ecowings

Recycled laptop bag

Combining fashion with sustainability, this laptop bag is made from recycled truck tyres, reducing waste and its environmental impact. The vibrant orange finish adds a playful touch, making it a perfect gift for environmentally conscious professionals.

10. Dark Cork Key Fob by Liga

Cork keyring

Crafted from natural cork, this key fob is not only sustainable but also lightweight and durable. Its dark hue adds an element of sophistication, making it a practical and eco-friendly accessory for everyday use.

11. Small Bee Block - Charcoal Grey by Green & Blue

Small bee block

Encourage biodiversity in urban spaces with this compact bee block. Made to attract solitary bees, it's an ideal gift for those interested in wildlife and conservation. The charcoal grey colour blends seamlessly with all kinds of garden styles.

12. Madrid Plant Pot - Waterproof Recycled Paper in Black by Oohh Collection

Recycled plant pot

This innovative plant pot is made from recycled paper and is waterproof, making it both eco-friendly and practical for indoor plants. Its sleek black design suits modern aesthetics, perfect for the eco-conscious plant lover.

13. Bee & Butterfly House by Rex London

bee & butterfly hotel

A charming addition to any garden, this wooden house is designed to attract bees and butterflies, promoting pollinator health. It's a thoughtful gift for someone who loves gardening and nature, encouraging biodiversity in their backyard.

14. Insulated Tumbler in Navy Blue by Sup

Navy blue insulated tumbler

This insulated tumbler is an excellent alternative to disposable cups. Ideal for hot or cold beverages, its navy blue design is both stylish and practical, perfect for the environmentally conscious person on the go.

15. Solid Walnut Wood QI Wireless Charger by Oakywood

Wooden wireless charger

This wireless charger combines modern technology with sustainable materials. Made from solid walnut wood, it offers a stylish and eco-friendly way to charge devices, ideal for tech-savvy individuals who are also environmentally aware.

16. Natural Felt AirPods Case by Oakywood

natural felt airpods case

A stylish and eco-friendly choice for keeping AirPods secure and accessible. Made from high-quality, OEKO-TEX certified merino wool, this AirPods case is not only plastic-free but also non-toxic. Its design includes a metal snap closure for easy access, and a micro-fibre lining inside ensures the AirPods stay in place. This case supports QI Wireless charging technology and for added convenience, it features a handy clip to attach to a bag, backpack, or keyring.

17. 13 Inch Laptop Sleeve - Eco & Water Resistant - Bottle Grey

Vegan leather laptop case

Protect your laptop in style with this eco-friendly laptop sleeve. Made from water-resistant plant-based materials, it's practical and sustainable, ideal for the environmentally conscious guy.


18. Wooden Coasters - Monstera by Reine Mere

Monstera coasters

Bring a slice of tropical sunshine to your space. Crafted from sustainably sourced birch plywood and featuring a Monstera leaf design, these coasters come with a solid beech wood display stand, making them a stylish addition to a desk, worktop or side table. This set is packaged in a plastic-free cardboard gift box, is a great eco friendly gift choice.

So that wraps up our exploration of eco-friendly gifts for him. We hope you're feeling inspired and excited about these sustainable choices. From innovative tech gadgets to earth-friendly home accessories, each item on our list not only brings joy but also contributes to a greener planet. Remember, choosing eco-friendly gifts isn't just about the present itself; it's about making a conscious decision to support a sustainable future. So, next time you're looking for the perfect gift for the special man in your life, consider one of these environmentally responsible options. Happy gifting!


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