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Article: Furoshiki: The Stylish Eco Gift Wrapping Solution

Furoshiki: The Stylish Eco Gift Wrapping Solution

Furoshiki: The Stylish Eco Gift Wrapping Solution

Hello! Are you looking to dip your toes into the wonderful world of eco-friendly living? Well, have we got something intriguing and oh-so-stylish to introduce you to: Furoshiki!

Furoshiki (pronounced "foo-roh-shee-kee") is a Japanese art that takes wrapping to a whole new level. 

holding a blue furoshiki wrapping a book

Picture the scene: you've purchased the perfect eco-friendly gift and are now faced with the task of wrapping it up. Perhaps it's a close friend's birthday or that one-of-a-kind vintage discovery for a family member. Typically, you'd reach for conventional wrapping paper – glossy, crinkly, and ultimately destined for the bin even before the recipient unwraps their gift. But what if I told you there exists an art of gift wrapping that not only exudes sophistication and style, but also champions sustainability?

Intrigued? You should be! Furoshiki isn't just about gift-giving (though it's absolutely perfect for that birthday present you've been hiding). It's a gentle nod to our planet, a simple eco friendly and sustainable way to reduce waste. And there’s a high-five to being stylish while doing it. So, whether you're a full-fledged environmental warrior or just someone who's been eyeing those reusable grocery bags with newfound interest, furoshiki might just be a fabulous gateway into the realm of eco-conscious living.

Get ready to wrap your mind around creativity, sustainability, and a dash of that Japanese flair as we unwrap the story of furoshiki and how it's all set to revolutionise the way you approach gift-giving, daily errands, and maybe even your afternoon yoga mat (yep, you read that right).



What is Furoshiki?

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese art of wrapping and carrying items using a square piece of cloth. This centuries-old practice originated in Japan, where people would use fabric to wrap their clothes at public baths, hence the name "furo" (bath) and "shiki" (to spread). Over time, its uses expanded beyond practicality to become an elegant way of presenting gifts and carrying various objects.

Why is Furoshiki a Game-Changer for Eco-Friendly Living?

There are lots of ways these little fabric squares can help with an eco friendly lifestyle. For example:

Reduce Waste: One of the main contributors to environmental issues is the excessive use of disposable materials. Traditional gift-wrapping involves single-use paper, tape, and ribbons that often end up in landfills. Even recyclable wrapping paper is single use, whereas furoshiki offers a reusable and sustainable alternative, significantly reducing waste.

Promote Reusability: Furoshiki cloths are designed to be used repeatedly. By adopting this method, you not only save money on buying wrapping paper but also encourage a culture of reusing materials. The cloth itself doesn’t have to be reused as a gift wrap, there are all kinds of other uses, so it’s certainly part of the gift you’re giving.

Save Resources: The production of wrapping paper involves cutting down trees, using water, and energy for a disposable item. Furoshiki eliminates the need for such resource-intensive practices. Furoshiki cloths can be made from natural materials like cotton, or from recycled materials like polyester.

Versatility: Furoshiki isn't just limited to gift wrapping. It's a versatile tool that can be used as a bag, a scarf, a tablecloth, or even as a piece of art. This adaptability means you can own fewer items that serve multiple purposes.

book wrapped in a furoshiki cloth on a table

Incorporating Furoshiki into Everyday Life:

There are lots of ways to get the most use from your furoshiki wrap, such as…

Gift Wrapping: Wrapping gifts with furoshiki is easy and gives your gifts a little extra wow. Place the gift in the centre of the cloth, follow one of the various wrapping techniques, and tie the corners into a knot. This not only adds a personal touch but also encourages the recipient to reuse the furoshiki for their own gifts too.

Grocery Shopping: Instead of using regular bags at the shops, you can use furoshiki wrapping techniques to create a bag. Simply wrap the items in the cloth and tie the corners to create a convenient bag. Scroll down to see our tutorial for a simple bag fold.

Lunch Bags: You can use them as an alternative to regular lunch bags. Use your furoshiki to wrap your lunch or snacks. It not only acts as a reusable wrapper that keeps your food fresh and makes your lunch more stylish, when you’ve finished, simply fold it away and put it in your bag. No need for bulky containers!

Picnic Mat: Spread out a large furoshiki as a picnic blanket. After your meal, simply fold it back up and carry away any rubbish, leaving no trace behind.

Home Decor: Hang decorative furoshiki on the wall as an art piece or drape it over a piece of furniture for a unique touch to your living space.

How to Tie a Furoshiki Bag

 A simple piece of cloth becomes a handy bag in just a few steps:

  1. Place your item(s) in the centre of the furoshiki cloth and pull a corner over the top so that it’s completely covered.
  2. Pull the opposite corner over the top from the other side.
  3. Gather each of the two remaining corners and tie them together over the item.
  4. Pull the tips of the ties together and tie again. Make sure you leave a space between the lower and top ties to fit your hand. This is the handle of the furoshiki bag.
  5. Pull the handle of your bag to make sure everything is secure and you’re done!

How to Fold a Furoshiki as Gift Wrap

Level up your gifting style with a chic furoshiki wrap. Here's a simple fold for a small gift box:

  1. Place your item in the middle of the cloth.
  2. Fold a corner in on itself so that you now have a straight edge.
  3. Place this straight edge onto your item
  4. Repeat for the opposite corner, overlapping the straight edge so that you can't see the item underneath.
  5. Pull the remaining opposite corners together and tie over the top of the straight edges.
  6. You can then tie again to secure the cloth, or fold the ends round for a neater finish.


Embrace Furoshiki: Your Eco-Friendly Ally

Furoshiki embodies the essence of sustainable living by merging functionality with aesthetics. As we strive to make conscious choices and lower our impact on the planet, this simple yet ingenious practice offers us a way to reduce waste and live more harmoniously with nature. So, whether you're wrapping gifts, grocery shopping, or seeking creative ways to decorate, furoshiki invites you to embark on a journey of mindful living that's as beautiful as it is beneficial. Give it a try, and watch how a small piece of cloth can weave a tapestry of positive change in your life and the world around you.

Happy Wrapping!

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