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Article: Brand Spotlight: Designer Lunch Bags from SoYoung

Brand Spotlight: Designer Lunch Bags from SoYoung

Brand Spotlight: Designer Lunch Bags from SoYoung

Designer lunch bags are quickly becoming the go-to accessory for those who appreciate subtle style alongside practicality and functionality. Our insulated lunch bags from SoYoung offer a minimalist and pared-back aesthetic that’s the definition of understated style. 

With their sleek designs and neutral colours, these bags are even versatile enough to double as a casual handbag. Whether it's for a day at the office or a relaxed weekend outing, these designer lunch bags are ideal for anyone looking for a touch of sophistication. In fact, they’re perfect for blending practicality with a chic and on-trend lifestyle.

Wellness & Empowerment

Catherine Choi, the founder of SoYoung, started her entrepreneurial journey inspired by her own personal transformation and the desire to promote a healthy, empowered lifestyle. 

After overcoming a troubled past that included substance abuse, Catherine experienced a profound shift towards wellness and self-care. This personal evolution sparked the idea for SoYoung, a brand that would reflect her newfound values of health and simplicity. 

Catherine started the company with a vision to create products that not only supported health-conscious living but did so through stylish, eco-friendly designs. Her passion for combining functionality with aesthetic appeal is at the heart of SoYoung, resonating with women who are equally committed to both wellness and style.

She and the team at SoYoung set out to create lunch bags that would inspire people to want to carry their lunches. In doing so, by regularly taking the time to pack delicious lunches, we’ll in turn eat more healthily, save money and support our planet in the process.

Woman adding bamboo cutlery to the back pocket of her lunch bag

Sustainable Lunch Bags

What makes SoYoung so special? They stand out in the designer lunch bag market by seamlessly blending stylish design with thoughtful sustainability. The brand's products are crafted from environmentally friendly materials that reduce our reliance on plastic.

For example a durable linen-cotton blend is used on many designs. The fabric is not only made from natural and biodegradable materials, but will stand up to daily use too. What’s more, it’s easy to keep clean — simply machine wash on a gentle cycle. 

As the lunch bags are made from natural materials, this also makes them free from PVC, Phthalate, Lead, and BPA, which are often found in plastic lunch bags. This means you can be confident that they’re food-safe for everyday use. 

Designer Style with Substance

Featuring clean, minimalist designs these lunch bags cater to a sophisticated audience. SoYoung's lunch bags not only look sleek and understated but they’re also full of practical features too.

The interiors are insulated, helping your food stay at the right temperature until you’re ready to eat. Plus, they feature a removable insert that makes cleaning much more straightforward. 

There’s also a detachable strap so you can carry your lunch bag in multiple ways, and an extra pocket at the back for utensils or napkins. 

SoYoung's lunch bags make ideal eco-friendly gifts, combining style and sustainability for anyone looking to enhance their daily routine while supporting the environment.

Shot of a woman at the beach, sat on a towel with the lunch bag next to her

In summary, SoYoung is a brand that embodies the principles of health, style, and sustainability. Driven by the founder's personal journey towards a healthier lifestyle, SoYoung creates products that are designed to inspire others to embrace wellness and environmental responsibility. 

Their lunch bags, crafted from natural materials like linen and cotton, reflect a commitment to durability and eco-friendliness. With features designed for convenience and style, such as machine-washable fabrics, insulated interiors, and sleek, minimalist designs, SoYoung offers a practical yet chic solution for everyday life. The brand stands as a testament to the belief that small, consistent steps can lead to significant, positive changes in our health and the planet.

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